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Wisconsin Center for Regenerative and Cell Medicine Cares Passionately About Helping Our Patients Relieve Their Joint Pain

For more than 10 years, Dr Alexandra Solano MD has gained the knowledge and expertise to bring stem cell therapy to Thiensville, WI. With our unique approach to joint pain, we can help you regain your joint mobility and enjoy the things you like to do !


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Our Treatments

We offer treatments that improve the mobility and reduce joint pain – giving you the confidence boost you deserve to do the things you love!

  • Knee Pain Treatment

  • Shoulder Pain Treatment

Our treatments

“I went to Dr Solano with a meniscus tear in my left knee and with advanced osteoarthritis in both knees, especially the right knee. This was causing deep pain in my thighs and referred pain in my right hip after sitting for more than 20 minutes. Walking through the airport after sitting for a 2 hr flight was excruciating.
I has Stem Cells in both knees yesterday and I am happy to report that 24 hrs later, I can get up from a sitting position without having to hold myself to anything. The pain in the legs is very much gone. The pain in the knees has subsided and it is evident that the Stem Cells are at work repairing my osteoarthritis.. I know it is much to soon to see my knees healed, but the results so far in such a short period are close to a miracle. I highly recommend the quality and quantity of stem cells Dr Solano is using!!!”

M. W 62 yr old female

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