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Our Mission at Wisconsin Center for Regenerative and Cell Medicine is to provide you with innovative stem cell treatment modalities to improve your joint health, reduce pain and boost your well being!

Since early 2000, Dr Alexandra Solano had a vision to provide stem cell treatment to those seeking alternate solution to their joint health.  She wanted to provide her patients the safest, efficient and cost effective way to regenerate damaged tissue, an innovative approach that has been gaining interest from top academic institutions including University of Milwaukee in Madison, Harvard Stem Cell Institute and University of Minnesota- Stem Cell Institute. She hopes that most patients will regain their quality of life by this treatment approach.

Our Story

The idea of offering stem cells for her patient community was a long ago dream 10 years ago. Her father Dr Fabio Solano MD had started offering stem cells to his patients in Central America back in early 2000 in conjunction with world renowned stem cell researcher Dr Riordan PhD. She witnessed first hand the potential for this treatment approach to restore damaged tissue and treat very difficult neurological conditions. Back in the USA, stem cell research grew more. Now more than 200 publications are available on the benefits of stem cells in the treatment of osteoarthritis. She then decided to start her Fellowship in Stem Cells at A4M- USF ( University of South Florida ) program to gain a deeper understanding of the molecular and clinical research to date in this field. During that time, she found the ideal practice location at Thiensville Alliance to offer her services.

Meet Dr. Alexandra Solano

Dr Alexandra Solano MD
Dr Alexandra Solano MDMedical Director
Dr Alexandra Solano MD – Medical Director of WI Center for Regenerative and Cell Medicine, Stem Cell Therapy Program. She is a Primay Care Physician that specializes in Stem Cell Joint Regeneration, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Medial Weight Loss. With her unique medical specialty training in Integrative Medicine, she has been featured in Fox 6 Milwaukee and CNN- espanol in various topics in her specialty including telomere testing and prolonging longevity.

Dr Solano was born and raised in Costa Rica and later moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue her pre-medicine career. During college, she was part of the Berry College Tennis Varsity Team and enjoyed balancing academics with the health benefits of an active lifestyle. To this day, she seeks to give the benefits of participating in an active lifestyle to her patients through her regenerative medical practice- stem cell therapy program.

Back in Costa Rica, her father Dr. Fabio Solano MD and Dr. Neil Riordan PhD formed one of the first stem cell clinics in Latin America dedicated to the active research and best practices in the field of stem cell medicine. Since then, these pioneers in stem cell medicine have published numerous medical research papers in prestigious medical journals in this field. It was here that Dr Alexandra Solano appreciated the healing potential of adult mesenchymal cells to heal and restore joints and decided to dedicate her career to the pursuit of best practices in stem cell medicine.

Dr. Alexandra M. Solano’s stem cell medicine program focuses on an integrated and functional medical practice model to optimize the regenerative potential of adult stem cells to heal and restore joints. She focuses on disease prevention through cell medicine, nutrition, diet, and exercise, along with cutting-edge laboratory testing and diagnostics.

Dr. Solano received a B.S in Biology from Berry College, a top liberal-arts college in Georgia. She earned a Masters degree in Biomedical Science at Barry University in Florida. She was one of a few candidates selected as a premedical Harvard University School Sponsoree. She then received her medical training at St Christopher’s College of Medicine in England with clinical honors. She is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and is currently completing a Fellowship in Stem Cell Medicine through a University of South Florida accredited program. This makes her uniquely qualified to provide this service to her patients. She is also an active member of the Rotary Club of Mequon-Thiensville Sunrise where she is committed to helping the community.

“I went to Dr Solano with a meniscus tear in my left knee and with advanced osteoarthritis in both knees, especially the right knee. This was causing deep pain in my thighs and referred pain in my right hip after sitting for more than 20 minutes. Walking through the airport after sitting for a 2 hr flight was excruciating.
I has Stem Cells in both knees yesterday and I am happy to report that 24 hrs later, I can get up from a sitting position without having to hold myself to anything. The pain in the legs is very much gone. The pain in the knees has subsided and it is evident that the Stem Cells are at work repairing my osteoarthritis.. I know it is much to soon to see my knees healed, but the results so far in such a short period are close to a miracle. I highly recommend the quality and quantity of stem cells Dr Solano is using!!!”

M. W 62 yr old female

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